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Happy Tails & Trails, LLC Dog Training and Walking Services


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Happy Tails & Trails, is dedicated to helping owners better understand their dogs using only reward-based training and creating a fun experience for the both owner & dog! We offer multiple training option's that best fit both your needs.


Because of science of course!

It has been proven that using aversive training tools/methods (shock/prong collars, physically hitting) has caused damage to dogs over a period of time. Both Mental and Physical.

Fear/Force free trainer's take into consideration not only physical well-being but also mental.

Here are some articles on why aversive do more harm than good.




Growing up Miranda has always had a passion for animals. She knew there was more behind dog training besides teaching dogs basic cues and wanted to learn more. Doing so she found a dog training apprenticeship a few years ago and has now recently opened her own business! Miranda is currently part of the CATCH-Academy for Trainers working towards her dog training certification (CCDT) and soon her Fear Free Certification. Miranda thrives on educating herself with the latest training  methods and will always be continuing her education.  Her hobbies include, hiking with her dog Theo, learning about nature, fishing  and is currently an Zoo Atlanta Volunteer.


Services OFFERED

Group Classes

6 weeks | 1 Hour | $160

Puppy class- is designed for puppies under 16 weeks of age. In this group class your puppy will get the opportunity to socialize with other puppies their age, learn basic cues and grooming/handling needs. This is the most important time in your puppies life and the only time they go through this socialization period. All puppies MUST have the first rounds of shots to 14 days prior to joining class.

Beginners Class- is designed for dogs all ages. In this class you will teaching your dogs basic cues in a public setting such as settle, recall,  leave it, leash walking and more. Along with learning how to communicate with your dog.

All students must be up to date on vaccines. (Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo & Rabies)


Private Lessons

Private lessons are focused on clients and dogs specific needs and behavior modifications. (IN-HOME OR IN-PUBLIC)

All new clients must start with a initial session, then have the option to purchase a package or pay by the single.

Initial session (1-2 Hours): $115

Single session: $85

4x session package: $310

6x session package: $480

8x session package: $650



Walk N' Treat (Leash Training)

This service is offered for dogs who need a little guidance when walking on leash, either in your neighborhood or out in public. A Trainer will come to your house multiple times a week for a duration of 30-45 minutes. At the end of the purchased package, a trainer will meet with you for a 45 minute skills-transfer session, where they will cover what your dog learned and teach you how to maintain the skill. All clients interested in the Walk N' Train, training package must set up a Meet N' Greet.

Meet N' Greet (1 Hour)-$65

6 session - (2)30 minute walks per week for 3 weeks: $215

8 session- (2)30 minute walks per week for 4 weeks: $300

12 sessions- (3)30 minute walks per week for 4 weeks: $420


Group Class: Dates & Times

Puppy Class

Sunday, November 14th @4:00pm


Beginners Class

Sunday, November 14th  @1:00pm

Sunday, November 14th @ 2:30pm


Location: 361 Fury's Ferry Road (Garden City Pet)

Please contact Happy Tails & Trails if interested in signing up for class or with any questions. (Garden City Pet, will not approve your spot in class if you contact them.)

Hammie Booty puppy