Our Groomer

Garden City Pet grooming is booked true appointment style, like your hair dresser! This means your dog will never spend all day in a noisy stressful environment, and will never be put in a crate. Our prices include bath, blow dry (no cage dryers here), nail trim and file, ear cleaning, and hair cut (if needed).

To book an appointment please contact (text or call) Mary at 706-814-4316.

Store hours do not apply to grooming hours so while we are closed on Mondays, our groomer is still grooming!


Mary Pruitt

Mary has been a professional groomer for five years and has worked with dogs her entire life. She is a Biology major at Augusta University with an Associate’s Degree in Biology from Georgia Military College. Mary also volunteers at Zoo Atlanta and regularly attends continuing education classes for both grooming and handling dogs and other animals. She is a certified AKC S.A.F.E. groomer who prides herself on not only making dogs look nice but making grooming a relaxing, enjoyable process and not a stressful one. When Mary isn’t working or in school she is relaxing with her three dogs, a Standard Poodle named Sierra, an Akita named Kiki Bear, and a Whippet named Pickles. She competes in confirmation dog shows with Pickles and will be starting other dogs sports with him and Sierra in the future. She also has two ferrets named Puddin’ and Tater Tot. 

To contact Mary call or text: 706-814-4316

Very limited appointments available at this time.