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Brady & Tiana O'Neill with Leviathan, Gatsby, Archer, & Dejah Thoris    Photo Credit: Katie DeLorme Photography

Brady & Tiana O'Neill with Leviathan, Gatsby, Archer, & Dejah Thoris

Photo Credit: Katie DeLorme Photography


I got my first dog when I was in 1st grade...

He was a beagle puppy we rescued from a shelter. I'll never forget picking him out; he was the quiet sad one lying in the corner while his brothers and sisters begged for attention. I named him Licorice and he was my first true love. With his bright happy spirit and relentless kisses he was what I looked forward to after school every day. Unfortunately he fell victim to a rattlesnake when he was just 6 months old. Experiencing that kind of loss at such a young age was hard to understand, but ever since Licorice I became fascinated with all living things. I never made any discrimination, even against snakes, well, unless I saw a roach because falling down a flight of stairs while screaming is a perfectly reasonable reaction, but you know, spiders were cool. Lets just say Steve Irwin was my idol and I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up.

At the age of 16 I decided I wanted to get as much hands on experience as possible in the pet industry before deciding on my career path. Over the years, a whopping 12 of them, I've experienced zoo keeping, veterinary assisting, aquaculture, and the world of pet supply retail. Let me tell you, having a king penguin sit on your lap, breeding clownfish, helping sick and injured dogs and cats get better, and being able to provide customers with great products for their pets have truly been amazing experiences. So amazing in fact, that it had me right back at square one, that is until I met my wonderful husband and our family began to grow, by 4 dogs and 1 cat to be exact.

My husband, Brady, was in the United States Coast Guard, and we got to travel to some very memorable cities. We met so many amazing small business owners that believed, just like us, that our pets are like kids. These families dedicate their lives to making high quality products, with the environment in mind, for the well-being of our pets. When it comes to nutrition, health, and happiness, we want the very best for them. Which is why, thanks to my husband for believing in me and everyone in our incredible family, I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be than back in our hometown bringing these products we believe in to our community.